Entry: Acting stupid can't control with my best friends........ Jul 17, 2004

Last night i had a great time...... I went to the movies with my friends Anthony Melissa an Cherish an we went to see Spiderman 2.....Good Movie.  An then after the movie we went to get sumthin to eat an then we all went home.....doesn't seem like much but still i got outta the house an i wuz with my friends.  o an b4 all that i went to the gym an i went to a spinning class...that is where u stay on a bike for like an hour an u just keep pedaling an pedaling to music.  An i had fun an i tried to keep up but it wuz kinda hard but it wuz fun.  An now my ass hurts like whoa......but i had a great time.....thanx guys!!!!!!!! An jeff we have to chill sumtime soon!!!!


July 17, 2004   04:36 PM PDT
i had a great time last night it was sooo much fun...and now i want chinky food damn you ant lol.
July 17, 2004   12:16 PM PDT
WHEEE! I had an awesome time! That movie was so good :D I'm happy you had fun. If my cousins dont end up coming over and I dont feel sick we shall do something, if i can! LoL. Chinese food shall prevail o_O *Dies*

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