Entry: All I Want Is Freedom A World With No More Night and You Always me Beside Me To Hold Me and To Hide Me.......... Jul 10, 2004

Yesterday Jeff Kim Barry Krystal and I went to the mall.  We saw kim's uuuuummm well i'm not sure wut he is to kim.... but ne way....i bought a 2 skirts 2 shirts an a belt.  I had fun.  Then came the best part we went to johnston memorial park an swang and played hide an go seek.......it was kim krystal me an jeff an barry(jeff an barry were on the other team).  But yea we had sooo much fun.....But monday i go back to the workplace of doom.........they suck my brain ya no.  They really do!!! no i'm serious....hey u guys..where r ya goin???.....wait up lol i g2g later......gotta go spill my guts lol later


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