Entry: I woke up it wuz 7 waited till 11 just to figure out that no1 wuld call..... Jul 7, 2004

OK i had an ok day today......When i woke up i went online like i always do an then i got showered cuz i needed to go open an account at the bank.  Then i came home an i went online a lot more an finished my coolatta and then i just wasted time until i wuz goin to leave for Job lot. When i wuz there i got 4 power bead bracelettes an then i for flutterby clips an then i got a lipstick.........my dad wuz at a wake so he got home after us.  My mom didn't wanna go cuz her family wuld b there an she doesn't wanna talk to them......speaking of which i have never met ne1 on my mom side of the family.  I met my mom's mother actually.....but that wuz in the mall.....3 years ago.  But ne way... we came home from the store an i went back online talkin to jeff an barry an melissa.  Sooo there is my day.....fun stuff when i get my car i am gonna go everywhere......everywhere. 


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