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Jul 24, 2004
Cause i'm broken when i'm lonesome and i don't feel right........

Ok so the past week has been pretty descent.  I went to 2 concerts an out with my friends....a lot ....i love goin out an stuff it is sooo much fun i wanna just do it over an over an over.... i got a piar of chucks cuz i lost both of my shoes at a concert i went to........both of them.......yea u guessed it....i wuz moshing......o an crowd serfing...thanx cameron........thanx a but seriously dude if u ever read this really thanx cuz i got a new pair of chucks out of  it...but ne way.....i am gonna get goin cuz i am really kinda itchin to watch a movie so i'm outtie...later

Posted at 10:05 pm by ZeppelingirlZ

July 25, 2004   09:34 PM PDT
we will dont worry ant will get his lazy ass up and do something lol
July 25, 2004   10:45 AM PDT
yea mayb we can all go out...hopefully...........
July 24, 2004   10:14 PM PDT
im glad you had fun at the concerts hopefully tomorrow me,you and ant can do something, thats if he is mad or something o well call him tomorrow.

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