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Jul 14, 2004
It's just another rainy night....with out you

OK so yea i am just poppin in to tell everyone how fuckin miserable i am i have been havin terrible days an i want it all to end.....sum1 please just call me tomorow i will give u my number i need to outa the house so if ne1 loves me come pik me up an just let's yea i really need to b ith my friends an i am just gonna go insane....god help me...........:-/ i'm wicked dpressed an i dunno y though.......i just need sumthin to cheer me up......i feel fuckin horrible....but i have to go now so i will talk to u later bye bye.......

Posted at 10:03 pm by ZeppelingirlZ

July 15, 2004   08:41 PM PDT
hey, your still coming to the movies tomorrow with me and ant right?

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